Human Resources

As Battallar Demir, we believe that we can maintain our position in the Turkish and World Metal Markets with the continuous development and motivation of our qualified human resources. With this belief, we primarily invest in people, focusing on practices that will support our corporate values ​​and activities that will improve our human resources. We reflect this understanding to all of our employees, starting with recruitment. In our employees; We always prioritize features such as dedication, focus on quality, giving importance to customer satisfaction, leadership, transparency, humility, efficiency and reliability. Due to our rapidly growing, dynamic and open to change and learning structure, we implement comprehensive programs so that those who join us can have a corporate culture. As a flexible, sensitive and values-driven company that supports change; In order for our employees to feel safe, we make investments that will add value to them and the institution in every field, and we look to the future with hope by trusting and improving the knowledge and experience of our employees.

Our Human Resources Policy, while adhering to our values, continuously improving our business with a system approach and standardizing our improvements, with measurable results;


Information producing,

Persons who find solutions to problems,

take responsibility and lead in applications

is to create an employee profile.


In this context;

Employment based on competencies by giving priority to meeting the workforce needs from within the Company,

Prioritizing regional employment resources among suitable candidates,

The careers of the employees in the context of their current and potential competencies clearly planning, within the organizational structure, institutional learning and improvement

Clearly defining the decision-making powers in the conduct of the business and distributing these powers to the relevant employees, establishing a trust-based individual and corporate relationship, Questioning systematic structures and business standards with an understanding of culture,

Establishing and adopting company moral values,

Establishing systematic structures that will directly contribute to motivation,

World-class occupational safety and providing a health environment  We will have basic approaches that we will use.