Our Environmental Policy

As Battallar Demir, we are aware that it is our greatest responsibility to leave a clean and livable environment for future generations.

For this reason;

Ensuring the efficient use of natural resources, By controlling the effects of all our activities on human and environmental health, to detect, keep under control and prevent these elements by providing continuous improvement,

To ensure compliance with all relevant legal regulations and other conditions in order to create a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, To ensure that the wastes arising from the activities we carry out are taken under control and separated, and that these wastes are delivered to the relevant institutions for recycling, and if there is no recycling, they are disposed of through legal means,

Reducing waste as much as possible, Periodically measuring our activity and performance regarding the environmental targets we have set,

To carry out the necessary activities for the formation and development of environmental awareness in our employees by ensuring that the environmental management system practices are shared with the personnel,

It is our basic Environmental Policy that we undertake to continuously improve the environmental management system in order to ensure that the personnel assimilate their role in the best way possible and to increase the environmental performance.