Galvanised Coils

Steel sheet is coated with zinc by dipping or electroplating method to increase corrosion resistance. Coating is generally done on both surfaces as a total of 100-300 gr/square meter. By applying chromate solution or oil to the surface of the coated material, it is protected against white rust.

Advantages over Cold Sheet High Corrosion Resistance: Zinc coating provides an excellent corrosion resistance to galvanized material due to the fact that zinc acts as a barrier against corrosive elements. The final service life depends on the thickness of the coating and the corrosiveness of the environment (humid, salty, etc.). Perfect surface appearance: It can be used without any surface treatment. Formability: Since Galvanized Sheets retain their forming properties, they can be drawn deep and easily shaped. Paintability: It can be painted easily after suitable surface pre-treatment. It allows it to be presented and shaped as painted sheet metal to the end user by being painted before use. Weldability: Can be welded by many known welding methods.
Sheet Quality DX51-52-53-54-55-56-57 D+Z,s220-280-300-320-360-380-GD etc
Roll Widths1000-1200-1250-1500
Thicknesses0.25 mm-4.00 mm
Line TypeZN 50-600 gr/m2
Product TypeSlitting,Cut-To-Length,Roll,Tape,Plate